“2023 is going to be a very busy year for SA Gaming”

The company expects to launch another new lobby in 2023.
The company expects to launch another new lobby in 2023.

SA Gaming’s team spoke with Focus Gaming News about the company’s achievements in 2022 and what the company hopes for next year.

Exclusive interview.- The year 2022 will undoubtedly be remembered as a special one for SA Gaming. The company launched its brand new game lobby Sexy Hall and was recognised as “Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier of the Year” at IGA and “Best B2B Digital Platform” in the SPiCE Awards.

The company sat down with Focus Gaming News to talk about the results of the year and what are the plans of the company for the next year.

Which was the highlight of 2022 for SA Gaming? 

A major highlight was definitely the launch of Sexy Hall. We have dedicated huge efforts to the establishment of the studio, and it is always enjoyable to see a magnificent product being raised from scratch.

As a studio in South America, we hope to turn the place into a beach-style studio. We have all the background decorations, LED screens, and tables to follow that style. Then we select dealers both sexy and professional. 

“It definitely is a joyful experience to play at SA Gaming’s Sexy Hall.”

We have also launched some region-specific games, hoping them to capture operator clients facing the target region. Andar Bahar from India, and Pok Deng from Southeast Asia, are launched this year. These games were also welcomed by other operators as their gaming portfolio has been enriched.

This year you presented Sexy Hall, how did the public respond to this new lobby?

Sexy Hall was applauded by our customers. Operators always welcome something new: new games, new features, new tables, and of course, new lobbies. Sexy Hall offers players the hottest gaming experience which we have ever provided. Our idea of presenting a beachside studio with dealers dressed in bikini was highly praised. The strong vibe of South America has attracted a lot of players for them.

Sexy Hall was also well received by the players according to our operator clients. Apart from the great studio and lovely dealers, they were also fascinated by the detail of changing bikinis into flags of World Cup participating countries. This hall surely provides an exciting and sensational gaming experience for them.

What new products can we expect to be launched in 2023?

It is going to be a very busy year for SA Gaming. We would very likely launch another new lobby in 2023. We are now looking for new sites to operate our new studio, and we hope to have a lobby with different themes within – say, having a corner dedicated to games of a specific region. 

And speaking of this, it means there are going to be more new games as well. Our schedule in 2023 is packed but this year is going to be fun, and we hope you can stay tuned with us!

“We would very likely launch another new lobby in 2023.”

What are the biggest challenges for 2023 for the company and for the industry?

The world has been affected by Covid-19 since this decade started. A lot of sectors have been seriously hit but the online sector has enjoyed benefits as our land-based counterparts suffered constraints in their operation.

2023 will truly be a post-Covid year. We can expect our land-based counterparts would resume business. Though quite different between land-based facilities and online platforms, their return still imposes some challenges to the industry.

As an active supplier of the industry, SA Gaming also faces what the industry would face. In response to this, we would prepare ourselves with a new lobby and more exciting games to make sure we are up to these challenges.

How do you manage to keep up with mobile gaming which is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world?

Mobile gaming is now the main source of players and income. When our brand first started, we developed everything with the desktop version being the demo version. The mobile version was nothing more than an adaptation of the desktop version on mobile devices.

To keep up with this fast-growing market, there are some fine tunes to our development process. Though the desktop version was still the demo version, we now consider the mobile version as another product. The UIs are re-engineered to make sure mobile users can enjoy the best gaming experience available on mobile devices.

With larger fluctuations in connection speed, and smaller screens, there are a lot of points to take care of in mobile gaming. Our Product Team and Design Team have spent great efforts to make everything look efficient on mobile devices. From deciding which buttons to display, to adding mobile-only functions, we believe we have done a great job to make sure our mobile products look as spectacular as they are on desktops.

You were recognised as “Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier of the Year” at IGA and “Best B2B Digital Platform” in the SPiCE Awards, how much importance do you give to awards and nominations?

First of all, we would like to thank these award organisers and the judging panels again for their recognition. While sales figures represent how the market perceives us, awards and nominations prove how the industry and our peers see us. It is an important recognition to us.

IGA is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. As a supplier basing in Asia, “Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier of the Year” is a very great award for us, as we put great emphasis on technology. 

From scanners to video streaming equipment, we hope to offer the best technology available to everyone. It is always great to be recognised as a great supplier by the industry.

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