1xSlots unveils the secrets of its customer and affiliate support system

1xSlots unveils the secrets of its customer and affiliate support system

1xSlots dives into the success of its exceptional support system for both affiliates and customers.

Press release.- 1xSlots Partners has developed an outstanding support system, offering personalized management and creative services to ensure affiliates and customers receive consistent, reliable assistance. But, how did it reach this level? In the following article, the company explains the keys to its popular customer service system.

Support in 1xSlots Partners 

An important advantage of working with 1xSlots Partners is the constant, reliable and understanding support provided. After registration, each affiliate is assigned a personal manager who accompanies them at every stage of the partnership.

If an affiliate needs a creative design for a specific request, the company has designers and copywriters who will prepare a banner or text that meets the task requirements. Any questions about working with the platform can be directed to our support team. Working hours are from 08:00 to 18:00 CET, although in case of force majeure, it may take longer to reply.

A manager is always on hand to suggest a promising source of traffic or regional audience. If it is necessary to update the offer, then this is done on an individual basis and by agreement with the manager. In addition, the manager will inform the affiliate when active offers are terminated.

Support in 1xSlots

What kind of support does 1xSlots provide its customers with? The Head of Support answers

What is the average response time to customer feedback/complaints/issues?

Anyone who’s worked in support or even just imagined what the process is like will tell you that the amount of work is rarely consistent. There are times when we end up with a massive backlog (a backlog is when every operator has numerous users waiting for a response at the same time). 

However, when everything’s working smoothly and the department has no staff shortages, the average chat response time is 1 minute. We aim to reply to emails within 15-30 minutes. If something breaks down, unfortunately, our waiting times will reflect that. Some users start spamming requests, which increases our response time even more. We would advise customers to just be patient – we’ll get around to everyone eventually! 

What are the most common reasons customers contact you?

Asking how to wager a promo code, without a shadow of a doubt. Most customers find our site’s system a bit unusual. Users are often interested in finding out how a particular bonus actually works.

How many people are on the support team?

The team currently has about 80 members, but we’re growing fast!

Approximately how many requests do you process a day?

More than 1.5 thousand requests are received daily in the CIS segment. The total number for all segments can reach up to 4 thousand.

Let’s talk about interesting customer interactions. Have you had any fun requests?

We’ve had a lot of interesting cases over the years. Operators often bring up heartfelt, “irrelevant” conversations they’ve had with customers: discussions about what to spend winnings on, what cars they like, their favourite games and movies, that sort of thing. 

If the operator has some spare time, they always keep the conversation going, even if it’s not directly related to their work. We also get people asking for bonuses for some pretty unconventional reasons: “It’s Mother’s Day today. I’m a mother – give me a bonus!” or even “I’m standing on the highway, I’ve run out of gas, and I’ve got no money – I think I deserve a bonus.”

We even had a customer recently write “Daaarkwing Duck” at the end of the consultation (don’t look at me – we were just as confused as you are).  Not to be outdone, our operator immediately burst into (written) song. So we ended on a very positive note!

And there was another user we exchanged a lot of emails with who signed each one off with “Armanivit Masha”. All attempts to ask what he meant ended in vain. The whole department’s still trying to figure that one out 🙂

How do you put together the best possible customer support team?

First, the fish rots from the head down. Which means you need to keep your “head” in tip-top shape. Like attracts like. If you show employees hard work and dedication and instil good company values, they’ll follow suit.

Second, stop carrying dead weight. We’ve got no time for slackers who don’t take their work seriously.

Third, make sure you have a high-quality vertical structure and specialization. When you work in support, you need to know about basically everything, maybe not in a great amount of depth, granted, but still. Having a well-organized structure and senior operators helps you to better cope with a large volume of varied requests.

What suggestions/tips can you give us as a support specialist?

Don’t forget that we’re all human – learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes. You can win over almost any aggressive customer if you know how to: hear their problem, understand it, help them and sympathize.

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