sydney pokies council

Sydney council wants to limit pokies

A council in Sydney asked to limit poker machine licenses in the area and asked other councils to do the same.


UK limits non-local lottery

EuroMillions lottery in the UK would be limited by the government’s resolution on third-party betting.

New Jersey sports betting

GMA discusses sports betting

GMA announced the release of a white paper focused on sports betting in America.

Iowa sports betting

ASA orders Paddy Power to stop ads

The advertising authority from the united Kingdom has ordered the company to stop the broadcast of a tv advert.

washington casino

Council to challenge Carter Lake casino

Leaders from the Council Bluffs are worried that they could lose tax revenue for their casinos.

bclc money laundering

BCLC updates agreements with casinos

The entity updated its operational services agreement for casino and community gaming services.


Nigeria removes 18 lottery licenses

The African country has the intention to withdraw 18 licenses from lottery operators.

ukgc terms conditions

UKGC urges firms to review terms and conditions

The Gambling Commission said that it is time to take action on unfair terms, therefore firms need to review their conditions before the New Year.

washington casino

Washington casino could be moved

Washington State’s City of Longview has ruled that a casino development would not affect the land.

armenia gaming regulations

Armenia approves gaming modifications

The government of Armenia announced that legislators have approved several changes on gaming law.

macau casino drill

Macau launches casino attack drill

The Government of Macau revealed earlier this week that they are launching a casino attack drill by 2018.

mississippi lottery

Mississippi discussed lottery plans

The state’s committee held its last meeting to discuss if a lottery in Mississippi would be profitable.