Nigeria’s VP praised for opposing lottery bill

The official declined to accept four bills amended by the National Assembly.

India considering legal gambling and sports betting

A gambling bill might soon be drafted in the Asian country as support for regulating the market keeps growing.

online gambling

US may ban state regulated online gambling

The US Attorney General said that he’s considering introducing a federal ban on state regulated online gambling all across the country.


Switzerland to block illegal gambling sites

The parliament voted to block online access to games that are not allowed in Switzerland.


Taiwan wants to stop casino referendum

Legislators from Taiwan are trying to stop citizens from being able to vote on a referendum that would define casino status.

Online gaming seeks reinforcement in Antigua

The Caribbean island will strengthen its licensing system for the online gaming industry.


Macau wants to close greyhound track

The city is considering turning a greyhound track into a sports facility.


Georgia casino bill dead for this year

The sponsor of the bill said that he doesn’t have enough voted to get the bill out of the committee.


Taiwan would define casino status

Taiwanese islands of Kinmen County would allow residents to decide whether to approve or reject a local casino and gaming legislation.

North Dakota

North Dakota rejects gaming expansion

Gaming expansion won’t be possible in North Dakota for now, after this week’s defeat during Senate’s vote, which resulted in 46-45.

sports betting

MLB Commissioner discusses sports betting

Commissioner Rob Manfred said that he wants the league to be prepared for upcoming talks about sports betting.

Bill against dog racing is near final vote

The House of Delegates also passed last Saturday the amendment that prohibits greyhound racing in the State of West Virginia.