York County submits petition to allow casinos

Authorities from Maine announced that they submitted a petition to see residents of the state vote for a casino in York County.

US.- Secretary of State for Maine, Matthew Dunlap, announced that that he presented petition signatures because they’re trying to get residents of the state to vote for a casino or slot machines in York County.

This is not the first time that the state tries to get residents to vote for a casino: back in October, Maine’s secretary of state invalidated more than 55.000 petition signatures because the circulator’s signature on the circulator’s oath did not match the signatures on file. With the new signatures, they’re expecting to reach the 91.000 that they need in order to make it possible.

The office of the Secretary of State announced that they have 30 days to review and analyse the signatures and decide if they’re valid. Voters of the state could decide whether they want a casino or not in mid 2017. The state currently has two gambling establishments, and a new casino could draw gamblers from population centers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.