York County opposes casino petition


The proposal included a casino or slot parlor in a town located in York County.

The Town Council voted against a proposal to build a casino in York County, Maine.

US.- The Town Council of Kittery reassured its position regarding the construction of a casino in York County by opposing once again the petition. Town officials are concerned because whilst Kittery openly specified the prohibition of establishing a casino, other towns in York County don’t have the same regulations.

As reported by Seacost Online, Councilor Kenneth Lemont said: “This issue has, once again, come to the forefront in this community and we’re aware of a potential threat of a casino located here, so I don’t think there’s any harm in reaffirming the charter. I’m concerned about the other communities, because if say Eliot and York think this is a good idea, I don’t think they do, but the social costs would just pour into Kittery.”

The proposal included a casino or slot parlor in a town located in York County. Maine lawmakers expressed resilience about considering a new casino in the State, as the project has been supported by a controversial American entrepreneur Shawn Scott. During last week’s public hearing a top lawmaker seemingly assured the York County’s potential casino business is hiding a “major corruption.”

Jenny Freeman, founding member of the political committee against casinos in Maine, Casinos No, said that having their town manager speak with other town managers is important because it shows leadership in the issue. The proposal was backed by Lisa Scott, who runs a political committee on Maine and who also is Shawn Scott’s sister. Lisa’s committee already approved the project and let her contribute with US$4.2 million for the casino expansion campaign, which has been held for the last two years.