Wisconsin tribe could stop casino payment

The Indian tribe threatened to withhold casino payments over a dispute with another operator.

US.- The Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans tribe of Shawano County in Wisconsin stated its intention to stop casino payments of approximately US$1 million to the state because they’re against the expansion of another tribe’s gambling operations in the state.

Shannon Holsey, the president’s tribe, sent a letter to Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker where she details the tribe’s intention to refuse to give a US$923.000 payment over its dispute with Ho-Chunk Nation. If they effectively retract they money, the case could end up in a federal court to reach a resolution. Stockbridge-Munsee considers Ho-Chunk’s US$33 million expansion as a violation of a federal law and the latter’s casino state compact. Back in January Stockbridge-Munsee released a study that establishes that the expansion of the Ho-Chunk casino from Northern Wisconsin could affect significantly the economy of other tribal casinos in the state.

The study determines that the North Star Mohican Casino and Resort in Bowler, which is 17 miles away from Ho Chunk’s, would lose approximately US$22 million, a 37 percent of its annually revenue. Other four tribes could lose US$15 million at their nine casinos expanded all through Wisconsin. The Associated Press reported that Walker’s administration released an email where it’s detailed that “the Stockbridge is getting the deal it agreed to with the state in 2003.” The email also explains that the Ho-Chunk is getting the deal it agreed to with the state in 2003 as well. “The state expects the Stockbridge to adhere to the terms of their compact.”

“Now we are being forced to pursue all legal remedies available to protect our 1,200 tribal members, hundreds of employees and the various local organizations who rely on our support,” said Holsey.