Wisconsin debates DFS bill

The Congress of Wisconsin State are debating during current session about daily fantasy sports regulation.

US.- The Wisconsin Congress is debating the legislation of daily fantasy sports during the current legislative session. The state would join the list of regulated markets in order to boost the economy and fight illegal gambling offerings. As it happened in previous debates, Congressmen are debating whether daily fantasy sports are games of chance or skill.

State Rep. Tyler Vorpagel has recently presented the draft in order to attempt to install a legal market for the second time. “I see this as something that’s currently happening in practice and just want to make sure that people’s ability to keep doing something they enjoy doing is out there,” Vorpagel commented.

Meanwhile, Lorri Pickens, executive director of Citizens Against Expanded Gambling highlighted their opposition to gaming expansion and said: “When you look at brick and mortar gambling, the youth do not do that.”

And he continued: “They don’t go into a casino physically and play poker, but they’re very inclined to do things online. The industry does know this. This is their future.” Daily fantasy sports are not legal in Wisconsin, but there is also no legislation against it. Therefore, the government considers that legalising the industry would grant authorities further control on the issue as well as new revenue.

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