Will online poker be legalised in North Dakota?

Online poker could find its way onto the 2022 ballot.
Online poker could find its way onto the 2022 ballot.

A new proposal may allow North Dakota to join Michigan in legalising interstate poker, along with other states where it’s already legal.

US.- Online poker could make the 2022 election ballot in North Dakotra after a state representative proposed a concurrent resolution.

House Concurrent Resolution 3012 proposed by Jim Kasper would allow North Dakota residents to vote on whether to change the state’s constitution to allow legal online poker.

The measure, which would permit interstate poker in North Dakota, requires a majority vote to pass into law.

Kasper told the Jamestown Sun he hasn’t been able to gauge support in the state legislature but that the proposed measure had sponsorship from both Republicans and Democrats.

He said: “It’s just a game I enjoy. I think other people should have the opportunity to play it as well.”

Sports betting is still not legal in North Dakota. In early 2019, the state Senate struck down a bill that proposed its legalisation with a categorical 38-7 vote against.

Previous attempt to legalise online poker

In 2005, Kasper drafted two bills that proposed the legalisation of online poker.

While the legislation was passed by the House, it was shot down by the State Senate which was concerned about the challenge it would pose to the US Department of Justice’s claim that online poker was illegal under federal law.

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