“We have seen a steady increase in 1xBet players throughout the year”

Throughout this year, 1xBet renewed several deals.
Throughout this year, 1xBet renewed several deals.

1xBet concludes a year full of good news that positions them to receive the new year in the best way possible.

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News spoke with the 1xBet team about the company’s main achievements throughout 2021, the partnerships they have reached and what are their main expectations for next year.

What were the main achievements for 1xBet this year?

We have made progress in a number of areas.

I’ll start with technological innovations. A faster, lite version of the 1xBet website was introduced, which was immediately appreciated by players who have slow Internet. 

Also, with the improved 1xBet Telegram bot, players can now go all the way to winning without even going to the site – because creating an account, betting and withdrawing winnings are all available here. 

Plus, we’ve added even more payment methods, including, for example, something as revolutionary as Football Tokens. Online consultations on the site have also become even easier because we have updated the knowledge base with more answers to popular questions.

We have expanded the number of events to bet on. It’s not only about the sports, though, but also about adding new titles to the 1xGames section – developments that we made ourselves. 

As a result, we have seen a steady increase in 1xBet players throughout the year. In addition, new regions were added, in which we received the right to officially conduct our activities.

And, of course, we concluded and renewed several deals, making cooperation with old partners even more extensive, as well as updating the sponsorship portfolio with new ones.

Exhibitions and in-person gaming events have been reorganised. What did it mean to meet again with the colleagues this year?

Last year will be remembered by the entire gambling industry for a long time. It turned out to be a test of strength, which not everyone passed. 

1xBet, fortunately, was ready for any hindrances. That’s because our company was initially developed as a multi-profile business. 

We had and still have something to always offer players, even when the world of sports is paused. Intensive internal research was useful to supplement the insights received by communicating with other major market players.

Therefore, of course, it was interesting for us to evaluate how others survived 2020 and what they are ready to demonstrate to players in 2021. 

In short, we made sure that our ideas about trends corresponded to general market trends and were somewhere ahead of them. So, for example, esports betting, online slots, unique loyalty programs, the desire to promote our product in different directions – all this and much more. 

Many of our colleagues began implementing these in 2020, but we had started even before that.

1xBet was awarded by the betting industry with different prizes this year, and it is nominated in various categories for the EGR Nordics Awards that will take place in January. What new challenges do you plan to face in 2022 to continue being a recognised leader in the industry?

First of all, I would like to say that we are delighted with the nominations for the EGR Nordics Awards. The Scandinavian market is one of the most competitive with very discerning players. To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, If we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere.

As for the challenges, I will single out two points that seem to be important not only for us but for the industry as a whole. The first is to make the most of the growth of the two biggest events that 2022 will bring us. 

We are talking, of course, about the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the World Cup. They attract a lot of attention from fans, especially the iconic football tournament, which has never been held at this time of year (autumn to winter). 

Therefore there is a great potential for increasing the number of customers.

The second challenge is that the course of events could once again be influenced by an unexpected new reality – we need to stay prepared for anything and to innovate as we progress. 

You must be ready to not only use the existing techniques of audience retention but also to please this very audience with something new.

1xBet has signed content partnerships with different companies and expanded in various markets. What can you tell us about your international growth in 2021? And what do you expect for 2022?

In 2021, we managed, as noted above, to strengthen a number of old partnerships and sign important new agreements. Of the largest and most important, I would like to highlight the following:

  • Extension of the agreement on the presence of brand advertising during La Liga and Copa Del Rey matches;
  • The growing expansion of 1xBet in the South American market – the company’s advertising will continue to be present at the qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup;
  • We signed an agreement with FC Olympique Lyonnais, according to which the brand became a regional partner of the club in Africa;

Finally, the start of cooperation with major esports organisations ESL and WePlay turned out to be fruitful, which helped us attract a new audience.

We have equally ambitious plans for 2022. Stay tuned!

Can you tell us about what gaming content 1xBet is planning to launch for 2022?

Big plans need to be kept secret, but I can hint about two things so far. First, we will continue to increase the number of our developments, which will appear in the 1xGames section.

And we will also be ready for the significant events that will take place globally. 

“We always enjoy offering players content that meets the demand for participation in these events.”

The company understands the importance of mobile betting in the market and offers several options. What innovative developments do you plan for next year in this area?

It was already noted above that we managed to update the site, adding a faster, lite version, with which you can place bets even quicker. But with 1xBet apps, betting is even easier. 

The market is moving towards customisable applications, which can be adjusted to individual user settings. 

We plan to develop further in this direction, creating the most comfortable environment so that our players can earn, conveniently and quickly.

What is 1xBet biggest challenge for 2022?

My answer is short and straightforward – not to slow down but to increase our pace and innovations even more.

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