Washington state looks into sports betting

Washington state looks into sports betting

As the segment is already thriving in the US, Washington state may take on sports betting and legalise its own version in 2020.

US.- The sports betting industry has already launched in many US states, but many have yet to even debate legislation. However, more and more Legislatures are rolling up their sleeves and diving in the inevitable discussion.

Washington state is a potential sports betting destination in the near future, as lawmakers will consider its legalisation. The Senate Labor and Commerce Committee is actually looking into Senate Bill 6277, which covers the industry. Moreover, the House Commerce and Gaming Committee is also studying HB 2478.

SB6277 would pave the way for the segment to go live at tribal casinos, card rooms and racetracks. Moreover, it covers legalisation of the online wagering market.

The bill sets a US$500k licence fee cost for card rooms and racetracks, with renewal fees pending. However, those may vary according to the type of applicant.

Furthermore, the bill would have the Washington State Gambling Commission regulate the sports betting market.

HB 2478 proposes similar regulations and both have Republicans behind them. However, both Chambers of the Legislature are under Democrats’ control, so time will tell whether they stall or sail through the Congress.

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