Vitor Francisco: “Our priority is defined by one word: expansion”

Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM.
Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM.

Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM spoke with Focus Gaming News and explained the highlights of the year, in which he put chips in his new brand FBM Xtreme.

Exclusive interview.- In times when the Covid-19 pandemic pushed digitization in companies, FBM took the opportunity to renew its website. Now, facing a 2022 year marked by the main objective of expanding the company, Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM, presented his ambitious roadmaps.

FBM launched a whole host of new games in 2021. Which was your favourite and why?

This is a hard question since we had a year full of good novelties in terms of products! If I had to choose, I would pick the Mythic Link Multi-Game. This product confirms that we made a good option when we developed slot products with a multi-game logic. It includes innovation, quality and reliability, characteristics that we want to deliver in all the FBM products.

Additionally, the Mythic Link Multi-Game brings the joy of four different engaging slots with linked progressive jackpots and a plus: the Lucky has Arrived feature. This combination results in exciting gaming sessions for players and great results for FBM and its clients.

What was your highlight of the year?

The launch of our new website is an achievement of 2021 that I would like to enhance. This website brings a more sophisticated representation of our brand and expresses in a better way the complex universe of gaming solutions that FBM has been developing during its 20 Champion Years.

When the stakeholders visit our website now, they can understand our growth journey from a local business created in 2001 to a global gaming brand. This new digital experience provided by FBM showcases great products and solutions, covering different verticals of the casino industry and both land-based and online segments.

“Our focus is on growing the FBM presence in different verticals.”

Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM.

What will be the priority segments for FBM in 2022?

Our priority is not defined by segments but by one word: expansion. Our focus is on growing the FBM presence in different verticals. The ambitious roadmaps for our teams are clear, and we believe that 2022 will bring a natural progression of the positive evolution that we registered during 2021.

We expect to expand by launching new products; impacting new markets; closing new partnerships; completing more installations in different casinos across the world; and bringing novelties in different game categories – slots, bingos and table games (with the FBMDS brand) – for the online and offline markets.

All of this, keeping the high quality, credibility and attractiveness recognized to all the products developed under the FBM brand.

Do you think the land-based gaming sector can fully bounce back internationally in 2022?

Based on our experience during 2021, I would say that we will have times when the markets will be operating in full capacity and periods with health restrictions due to the Covid-19 context.

I think that these are unpredictable and challenging times, and we need to attend first to the people safety and health. Our focus as a team shall be on the efficient development of the best games and solutions for our clients, so we can make significant progress when the markets allow it.

What can we expect to see from FBM Xtreme?

FBM launched FBM Xtreme as a brand that marks a new positioning for its slots offer. This brand was born to affirm a vision. A vision where FBM launches vanguardist, futurist, evolutionist and bold slots products.

The first launches under the FBM Xtreme brand are delivering these premises accordingly to the good feedback that we are getting from our FBM Easy$Money Link and Mythic Link Multi-Game products. In the future, you can expect high-quality products, bringing new emotions to the players’ gaming sessions by including different features and new themes.

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