VIP rollers turn to Tigre de Cristal casino in Vladivostok

Asian VIP rollers are turning up at Lawrence Ho’s Tigre de Cristal in Vladivostok, Russia.

Russia.- Asian VIP rollers have begun turning up at Tigre de Cristal, a new casino established by Lawrence Ho in Vladivostok, Russia.

According to figures published by controlling shareholder Summit Ascent Holdings, Tigre de Cristal, generated more than 2 billion Hong Kong dollars (€232.22 million) in monthly VIP betting volume in both July and August.

The last two months’ betting volume surged after VIP rooms were assigned to two junket agents in late June. The new demand has also seen the Tigre de Cristal almost completely fill its 121 hotel rooms on weekends and bring weekday occupancy above 66 percent. The casino plans to assign a VIP room to another agent soon. Furthermore, the casino opened with eight VIP tables but has now increased the number to 14.

In the meantime, gambling by lower-stakes players has been stagnant, with the August figure reaching around 303 million rubles (€4.11million), the lowest monthly total since the casino’s first month.