Vietnam considers plan to trial sports betting

The government announced that they will try some forms of online and land-based sports betting in the country.

Vietnam.- Vietnam will softly introduce sports betting as the country plans to trial some forms of land-based and online whilst also permitting dog and horse races wagering. The news were announced as part of the second draft of proposed legislation that could receive the green light by the end of this year in hands of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The draft includes a measurement that would permit locals to gamble at two casinos over a three year trial period, and it would allow local over 21 years old in a good social economic position to wager on dog and horse races. Vietnam Economic Times said that the proposed legislation would establish US$45 as the maximum amount a player could be allowed to wager in one day.

The gambling legislation goes back to 2006, whilst the new version was finished this year. Recent changes include monitoring body members, arbitrators and managers, and professional football players among other things. The second draft of the legislation also contains a measurement that would establish a five year trial for online and land-based wagering on foreign games of football.