Vermantia and Lottomatica to improve the Italian market

Vermantia and Lottomatica to improve the Italian market

Italian betting shops  will install Lottomatica’s system through BETTER brand by Vermantia.

Italy.- The Italian gaming market will receive its first HD satellite channel through Lottomatica’s migration onto Vermantia RETAIL broadcast services and point-of-sale technology. Vermantia and Lottomatica will launch the latest retail content management system for betting shops and corners with the company’s brand “BETTER”.

Italian players will enjoy Inspired Gaming virtual games and two Lottomatica’s state-of-the-art live betting and virtual games channels. Vermantia will broadcast and operate three bespoke gaming channels for BETTER’s retail network, including a live sports betting channel, based on more than 10,500 live sports events per year, real-time data and statistics in partnership with global leader Perform Group. For the live betting channel, Vermantia has created a brand new user interface, especially designed to meet Lottomatica players’ needs.

Filippos Antonopoulos, Vermantia’s chief executive officer, commented on the exclusive agreement: “The specific project was a quite challenging one both from technical and time-to-market aspect. We are happy to have delivered this solution for Lottomatica’s estate, which provides our partner with the ability to dynamically enhance and expand the gaming content offer to its betting customers. We strongly believe in the fundamental role of live and virtual content in the growth of retail gaming, and strive to provide our partners with enabling and innovative technologies.”

Fabrizio Virtuani, president and chief executive officer at Lottomatica Scommesse, concluded: “We are very satisfied to launch our new offering and have the opportunity to work with Vermantia, meeting the expectations we initially had. From now on, Lottomatica will be able to provide a very engaging and entertaining gaming experience to its betting customers, paving the way to a new retail proposition in the Italian gaming market”.