Utku Sarper, TVBET: “We will continue pursuing our goal of a vast expansion in 2023”

Utku Sarper, Sales Lead at TVBET.
Utku Sarper, Sales Lead at TVBET.

TVBET Sales Lead Utku Sarper looks back on an eventful 2022 and gives us a glimpse of what we can look forward to.

Exclusive interview.- It’s been a challenging but effective year for TVBET. Focus Gaming News caught up with Sales Lead Utku Sarper to learn how the company expanded this year and what’s in store for the future.

What have been your highlights of 2022?

You know, 2022 year has brought new challenges to our industry and our company as well because of the unjust war in Ukraine. Moreover, we have colleagues in Ukraine, and we worry about their well-being. However, despite all the difficulties, our whole team continued to work, and through our joint diligence, we had an effective year for our company.

Among TVBET highlights, I would like to mention that we have widely expanded in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This year, we’ve got +40 new partners and will continue pursuing our goal of a vast expansion in 2023.

We launched a new live product – our fascinating Spin2Wheel games. And it has already got a lot of attention and interest among partners and their players. Our Top game is KENO which we are really happy about, where we get constant feedback that this is a great product! So we are happy about this achievement.

Finally, after two hard years of the pandemic, this year was rich in events in the industry. We attended a lot of summits and exhibitions like ICE London, IGB Live, SBC Barcelona, SiGMA Europe, and Miami Latin America, where we had a chance to meet our new partners and showcased our products.

Also, we were shortlisted in numerous awards like EGR B2B Awards, SiGMA Balkans&CIS, SBC Awards, and SBC Awards Latinoamerica. And won Eventus Award in the nomination “SBWA+ Online Casino Provider 2022”.

So, this year was really difficult. But what we always do in challenging times is stay strong, accumulate our capabilities, and overcome difficulties.

“Despite all the difficulties, our whole team continued to work, and through our joint diligence, we had an effective year for our company.”

Utku Sarper, Sales Lead at TVBET.

What products have gone down well with customers?

As usual, our partners do not choose some certain games but integrate the full iFrame with the whole set of TVBET live games. But if to talk about betting statistics and what the players of our partners choose most often, these are definitely three products – KENO, WheelBet, and Poker. Very simple and straightforward game, where live draw in the format of a Lottery is very engaging for players!

And to tell the truth, it doesn’t surprise us. These games are well known around the world; they are easy to understand and play and offer a wide range of betting options. By the way, due to the high popularity of our KENO, soon. We’re going to launch the second version of this exciting game so that bettors will have a chance to choose between 2 KENOs. But all the details are later. Stay tuned.

TVBET has a presence in a strong mix of geographies. Where do you expect to see expansion in the next year?

Yeah, TVBET firmly settled in regions such as Europe, the CIS, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As for next year, we would like to strengthen our positions in Latin America and Africa. We see huge development prospects in these regions and intend to conquer them. We are also expanding in other regulated markets in the EU and a long-awaited MGA license will be added to our resume soon! So keep an eye on our news!

2022 has been marred by the war in Ukraine, where TVBET has many colleagues. What do you think of the industry’s response to the conflict?

The situation in Ukraine is really very difficult, and we are worried about our colleagues there, as well as about all the citizens of this beautiful country. But what is noteworthy is that the industry has responded with great dedication to the problems in Ukraine and has been trying in any way to help from the very beginning of the war through large donations, the purchase of cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the solution of humanitarian issues. Even though many things have already been done, industry representatives do not give up and continue their charitable deeds.

We also do not stand aside and do our best to help. You probably already know that our CEO Peter Korpusenko launched the Bet on Good charitable foundation, which at the moment is entirely aimed at helping the people and the army of Ukraine. And we at TVBET get involved in supporting and sincerely hope for a soon end to the war in Ukraine.

“As for next year, we would like to strengthen our positions in Latin America and Africa.”

Utku Sarper, Sales Lead at TVBET.

What do you think operators will be looking for from products in the next year?

I think that, first of all, operators will look for diversity because the modern player is becoming more and more demanding of the content. Also, the picture is bright and of high quality, while games can be easily downloaded over the mobile network on smartphones. From year to year, we observe that the number of players who play and bet on mobile phones constantly increases.

We take pride in constantly brainstorming and exploring new ways with our partners to increase the volumes and betting activity and to utilise our product to its full performance with a tailored approach. And, of course, operators will need new products from their partner providers in order to attract and retain players. Moreover, competition is growing, so it will be necessary to surprise both operators and their players.

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