US Bettors Expected to Wager $16 Billion on the Super Bowl

US Bettors Expected to Wager $16 Billion on the Super Bowl

Regardless of whether the Chiefs or Eagles lift the Lombardi as the confetti falls, one thing is for sure – Super Bowl Sunday will be a landmark day for sports betting in the US.

Online sports betting has been growing at a breakneck pace in the US and this year’s Super Bowl is expected to smash the records set by the big game last year. The American Gaming Association recently revealed their official estimates for this year’s Super Bowl and the results are eye-popping if not surprising. 

The total amount expected to be wagered on the match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles is roughly $16 billion. This is a staggering 110% increase that was expected from last year’s edition.

This number is supported by the 50.4 million American adults who are expected to bet on the February 12th game – a 61% increase from last season.  This accounts for roughly 20% of the adult population in the country. 38% of respondents are planning to bet online and 18% are planning to bet at an in-person sportsbook.

More states have ever legalized sports betting, and thus more Americans are going to be betting on the country’s most popular betting event. 34% of NFL fans claim that expanded legal sports betting has made watching the games more exciting, according to the AGA. 

This has formed a perfect storm for the bookmakers who plan on finally trying to turn a profit in a US market that has proven difficult for operators to succeed within. To try and capitalize on the increased interest in betting on the big game by offering Super Bowl betting promos to potential new users.