Universal innovates slot machines

Japanese company Universal Entertainment introduced slot machines’ innovations that will be deployed at its Okada Manila casino resort.

Philippines.- The Okada Manila in the Philippines will soon get a revamped gaming offering. Japanese operator Universal Entertainment Corp has introduced innovations for slot machines which will be deployed at the venue.

The company revealed it has developed a Slot Program Play System. It allows operators to offer preferred customer services to VIP players. In order for them to apply, they must spend a certain amount of money over a certain period of time.

Universal’s Slot Program Play System rewards players with free gameplay and points and specifically targets VIPs. It systematises rolling programs that have been run as preferred customer services at different table games. Moreover, the company says it will help operators to improve how they target their marketing efforts in the segment.

Universal has also developed a brand new real-time automatic currency exchange service. It allows gaming machines to take in multiple currencies, not necessarily just the currency in the particular jurisdiction.

According to Universal, the system allows players to avoid money exchange services and its inconveniences. Furthermore, it saves the operator significant personnel costs related to such process.

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