Uncertain future for six casinos


The State cabinet extended the deadline to relocate offshore casinos from April 1 to Sep. 30.

Several political parties are against the gaming activity in Indian State.

India.- Goa’s government will determine the future of its six legal offshore casinos next month, after the Assembly election is completed on February 4. Earlier this week, the state’s Chief Electoral Officer Shri Kunal has accused authorised gaming operators to hold business along current officials and political parties.

Furthermore, the high court of Bombay at Goa announced last Tuesday that the decision on the license renewal for the Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited (GGHPL) will also be revealed in four weeks. As Assembly members are going to be elected next month, casino regulation in the Indian State is uncertain due to strong opposition among candidate politicians.

Goa’s casino operator Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited (GGHPL) has filed a petition to request the renewal for its license. The offshore gaming centre has demanded the new license since September 2016, but authorities have not responded yet. The high court gave the government four weeks to publish their decision.

The gaming company operates an offshore casino in Goa, and generates for the State US$6.5 million in annually tax payments. GGHPL went to the court after the government failed to grant them offshore casino licence, permission to change the vessel and permission for a new mooring place.

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