UK self-exclusion program, successful so far

According to a GambleAware report, most of the problem gamblers that signed up for the self-exclusion program are staying away of betting shops.

UK.- The GambleAware charity reported that the betting-industry-driven Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Scheme (MOSES) that Senet Group launched last year is proving effective as it keeps gambling addicts from wagering.

The self exclusion program has already 3,500 problem gamblers signed up for it as it prevents them from gambling in betting shops around their area that they nominate themselves for one year.

The report issued by GambleAware informs that 83 percent of those gamblers found the program effective in its impact on their gambling activity as 71 percent assured that they didn’t attemp to gamble at their designated shops. The other 29 percent actually tried to do so but only 5 percent could. Meanwhile, 7 percent denied responsability on staying away from betting venues but 86 actually recognised that they were to blame.

The main complaint amongst gamblers was the inhability to exclude themselves from every betting shop in the UK. Operators argued that in order to allow MOSES to do so, some kind of electronic form would be recquired to identify costumers.

Currently, the system works with the betting shop staff reviewing a list of self-excluded gamblers at the start of each shift and identifying participants as they show up at the entrance. Even though most of them show confidence in their hability to remember problem gamblers’ faces, identifying them in shops located in higher traffic areas is more difficult.

54 percent excluded themselves from online betting sites, 23 percent from casinos, 12 percent from arcades, 10 from telephone betting services and 3 percent from bingo halls. Gamblers also found it easy to sign up as 71 percent completed the process in just one phone call and 24 needed only a second one to do so.

Malcolm George, Association of British Bookmakers CEO, celebrated the GambleAware report: “It’s a highly encouraging result and another example of why betting shops offer gamblers the safest and most responsible place to have a bet.”