UK gaming probe to be delayed

Prime Minister Theresa May called yesterday for earlier elections to decide the future of the country after the Brexit.

UK.- The gaming industry in the United Kingdom could take a deep breath until next autumn, once the government reorders its structure after controversial Brexit. Prime Minister Theresa May has called to a vote for next June 8. In the meantime, relevant legislative changes would be frozen until voters decide their future government.

British authorities have been implementing harsh policies against the gaming industry. In the last six month, operators and bookmakers have been under a federal probe to register, measure and approve stricter rules this year. However, as the Prime Minister has called for a vote by mid-year, the current officials will have to wait until next autumn to decide how to continue the discussion.

The results of the government’s probe were supposed to be released in a few months, according to the plans of the UK Department for Culture, Media & Sport. Authorities have targeted fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) and gaming advertising. Latest probe has jeopardised millionaire revenues as well as tens of thousands of employees. The national idea is to limit gaming publicity and to reduce FOBTs maximum stakes from £100 to just £2 as the Gambling Commission published evidence that they could be harmful for players.

Last month, former culture secretary John Whittingdale warned bookmakers over their operations being investigated by the UK Gambling Commission. Late last year, the gaming authorities decide to review the industry’s conditions to set a stricter control in the future. After May’s statements, bookmakers gained more time to evaluate the situation and decide how to keep operating in the British market.

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