Tips for operators to stay afloat amid events’ cancellation by TVBET

TVBET revealed a series of recommendations for sports betting operators.
TVBET revealed a series of recommendations for sports betting operators.

TVBET issued a series of recommendations for sports betting operators amid the pandemic and events cancellations.

The year 2020 is definitely not the most favorable one for the sports industry as all major sporting events have been postponed for an uncertain period or even canceled. Football, tennis, golf, hockey and other sports competitions have been affected by the global quarantine. Moreover, the 2020 Olympics have been canceled this year and it’s hard to predict what would happen next.

No need to say that betting operators currently experience certain difficulties amid the events’ cancelation. No sports – no betting, right? Nevertheless, these temporary inconveniences are not the reason to fall into despair. There are still options for the sportsbooks to stay afloat in the dark times.

The major rule for the sports betting operators is to search for alternative options to bet on. What does it mean? Surprisingly, but when the players come to a sportsbook platform, in most cases it’s not because they are such huge sports fans, but because they want to get that one-of-a-kind thrilling experience when a bet wins.

Creativity is above all! Some sportsbooks have started accepting bets on political events and weather predictions. Others addressed to the less popular sports, like the Mexican soccer or Turkish rugby. Cybersport is another solution for the operators. Statistics show that the general number of bets on eSports has grown by eight times amid the traditional events’ cancelation.

Another piece of advice for the operators is to make the betting odds a little more interesting for the clients by giving them some additional bonuses (like a welcome bonus or free spins). Remember that tough times call for decisive measures!

Finally, while the global sports is currently ‘shut down’, a perfect option for the betting operators is to draw their attention to the live-games. The number of online casinos is increasing with enormous speed due to the growing demand of the players worldwide in the iGaming. Currently, the sportsbooks also tend to integrate the most popular online casino games to their platforms. According to the leading live-games provider, TVBET, the company constantly keeps expanding the presence of its products on the international gambling market. Starting from this year, TVBET announced its cooperation with several new global leaders in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

The company’s rep notes that live-games are the top trend of the recent years and they will get even more popular in 2020. So, what is the reason for the live-games’ success? According to TVBET, the rules of such games as Poker, Keno, Joker and many others are familiar to the players, while the betting odds format is clear and 100% honest. Besides, the games availability in 4K resolution with a fascinating graphics and digital effects makes the gaming process truly unique and exciting. Diverse types of bets, several types of Jackpots, attractive hosts, and exclusive studios, which give a sense-presence effect to the players, are just a few of numerous benefits of the live-games.

The best thing is that popularity of the live-games doesn’t depend on seasonality, unlike the sporting competitions. Starting from April, TVBET confirmed that its latest game Backgammon is finally available for players worldwide. It means that multiple betting and online casino operators, which the company cooperates with, can please their customers with the great product. Recently, a TVBET’s expert announced the launch of an absolutely new live-game (mix of race and lottery) which will be available for their 100+ partners very soon.

We understand that online gambling industry doesn’t stay still as the players always want more! Nowadays, it’s getting harder to surprise the users with something truly unique and mind-blowing… However, it’s just a good challenge for our entire TVBET team to keep working and creating new inspiring games… As an experienced B2B provider, we can confirm that 100% of our partners have noted the increase of the number of bets by 31% after the integration of our live-games.

As we may see, the cancelation of the traditional sporting events is not a reason yet to give up on the betting industry. On the contrary, it’s a good push for the operators to search for the new solutions to attract the clients. No risk, no gain, after all!

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