How sports betting operators attract new audience with TVBET games

How sports betting operators attract new audience with TVBET games

TVBET has shared new analysis regarding how its games help sports betting operators attract new audiences.

Cyprus.- Modern betting shops exist in a time when the player is asked to select from hundreds of online platforms available in almost every corner of the world. The gambling sector depends not only on the IT-solutions, but also on the offering. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine fierce competition, especially considering all the restrictions and pitfalls, getting in the way of progress and blocking the professional activity on various levels. Hence, a sportsbook must search for new strategies and techniques to attract new customers and retain old ones, like nobody’s business.

With the competition in products a sports betting operator has, how does one increase the audience and its number of bets if one has already reached a high level. Nowadays, betting shops tend to come up with loyalty programs, promotional events, and gaming policies designed to appeal to new customers. However, these vital steps are of no use unless you have a ground-breaking recipe applied – an innovative and multi-functioning technological platform.

But if we consider user involvement of other segment, there’s a big audience favoring slot games, or other fast and easy-to-understand casino games. The activity of such kind of players could have a significant impact on an operator’s GGR. So how would that audience be interested to switch to a sportsbook? Perhaps, the answers are out there.

New player audience for sports betting

When it comes to a gambling sector, there is a whole bunch of players, showing a preference for online or land-based casinos. And the TVBET team found winning recipe for catching the fancy of such an audience and acquiring new customers lies within the live-games integration.

There are several reasons why casino players don’t switch to sports betting. First, we’re talking about high dynamics slot games have. The second factor is simplicity, which is why such players prefer to spend time playing games that are easy to understand. Speaking of sports competitions, analysis and knowledge play an important role there, while casino entertainments are created on a totally different basis. Finally, a wide range of jackpots and bonus programs attracts players, providing them with the unique gaming experience.

Therefore, such well-known live lottery games as TVBET have, form a bridge to betting operators for other user segments. The B2B provider’s content is represented on the platforms of 100+ operators worldwide. The players are able to enjoy betting in the 11 well-known games, as PokerBet, BackgammonBet, WheelBet, Keno, 7Bet, Lucky6 and other.

Alongside the familiar options of betting on the events, multi-level jackpot system is granted for TVBET players, not to mention the company of stunning dealers in real-time. According to the provider’s data, a middle-sized bookmaker can increase its revenue up to 30% through the games’ integration. Company now distributing 11 versatile live-games broadcasting worldwide 24/7.

What a sportsbook can get as a result

It is profitable to cooperate with the provider of live-games. The content allows companies to reach a new level in the number of bets compared to competitors. According to TVBET, the share of its games in the total number of bets of their partners from the gaming industry reaches 25-30%. Realizing the fact that a third of the volume raised through demand for live-games, it’s wrong to ignore them.

Moreover, by integrating the company’s fast live-games, a medium-sized sportsbook or casino can grow from zero to almost half a million bets in just 6 months. The experience in working with partners proves on their own figures that this is possible. Such an enticing product leads to commercial success. According to TVBET, their top partners’ GGR reaches up to 500.000 EUR monthly.

It is concluded, therefore, that those bookmakers with the additional products offered, are ten steps ahead of their competitors to date. By the way, the TVBET team will be presented at ICE London, stand S3-240.

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