Turkey to regulate the illegal sector

Turkey’s government is set to introduce new measures to reduce illegal gambling offerings.

Turkey.- The government of Turkey has announced a national plan to fight illegal gambling operations. The measures would be implemented this year within a two-year schedule, where regulators would determine the major targets of the offensive. The plan also includes several conditions to sentence illegal operators.

The Turkish crackdown on illegal gambling businesses would be developed by the Interior and Justice Ministries in coordination with the Revenues Department and the Police Department. National regulators would investigate gaming platforms and venues to shut down unauthorised activities both in the land-based and iGaming sector.

Officials are drafting the first project aimed at ending the expanded criminal sector and are also taking into account regulations against gambling among teenagers and children, as reported by the Daily Sabah of Turkey. According to the press, members of the Financial Crimes Investigation Council (MASAK), Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), Revenues Department and Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) would also participate in the crackdown.

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