Miguel Ortiz, VP Marketing at TransAct Technologies: “Innovation will help us to get through a lot of issues”

Miguel Ortiz, VP of marketing at TransAct Technologies.
Miguel Ortiz, VP of marketing at TransAct Technologies.

Exclusive Interview.- Focus Gaming News checks in with Miguel Ortiz, vice president of marketing at TransAct Technologies.

Digitalisation has progressed by leaps and bounds but when it comes to managing back of house operations, including at casino restaurants, things are often lagging behind.

That’s what TransAct Technologies aims to change with its BOHA! Restaurant Operations Platform. Focus Gaming News checked in with vice president of marketing Miguel Ortiz to find out how the platform can help casino restaurants work more efficiently.

“We have technology do the heavy lifting”

Miguel Ortiz, vice president of marketing at TransAct Technologies.

BOHA! stands for back of house automation. The product offers a set of tools that allows casinos and anyone who runs restaurants to manage BOH operations without the time-consuming and cumbersome paperwork by pairing iPads with apps and the BOHA control centre and workstation label printer tools.

Ortiz says: “In many cases when we go in to help a customer the old way is what’s there: it’s paper and pen. There isn’t technology already that we’re going to displace. By leveraging innovation I think really you can leapfrog a lot of the problems that come with doing it paper-based.”

Casinos are no different, Ortiz notes.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the downstairs areas and back areas of casinos and it is quite heavy the amount of paper involved in bringing food out to the customer,” he says.

One application is checking in employees safety via iPads. The tool can also ensure everyone is up to speed on health and safety guidelines, especially when employees have been out on furlough and it provides a single dashboard of what’s happening across multiple properties.

“You need to make sure all your processes are being followed by employees. Running the back of the house with pen and paper doesn’t make sense anymore,” he says.

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