Tracy Cohen: “At G2E there will be a focus on some of our key iGaming products”

Tracy Cohen, director of marketing at TCSJOHNHUXLEY.
Tracy Cohen, director of marketing at TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Tracy Cohen, Director of Marketing for TCSJOHNHUXLEY, spoke to Focus Gaming News about the company’s presence at a new edition of G2E Las Vegas.

Exclusive interview.- Focus Gaming News sat down with Tracy Cohen, director of marketing for TCSJOHNHUXLEY to talk about the upcoming G2E Las Vegas 2022 and about the company’s experience at iGB Live!

How are you preparing for G2E Las Vegas and what are your expectations for the exhibition?

G2E 2022 will provide a significant showcase for TCSJOHNHUXLEY. We have an exciting new booth location at #3259 on ‘Fremont Street’ and we’ll be displaying our iGaming products to the US market for the first time, in addition to our extensive portfolio of industry-benchmark core products. 

There is definitely a ‘buzz’ about this year’s event, and although we exhibited last year, this feels like the first time we are back to pre-pandemic shows in terms of the number of visitors and exhibitors attending. We are really looking forward to it. 

What will be the axis of your proposal for the expo?

As mentioned, there will be a focus on some of our key iGaming products. Having worked with many leading online gaming providers for numerous years, we understand and know how to overcome the challenges of broadcasting a live game. 

Product features incorporating matt finishes to help minimize light reflections as well as having the flexibility to provide products with differing orientations to obtain better camera angles are just some of the innovative attributes we offer.

We will also be showcasing a host of other new products including some exciting table games for Roulette and Blackjack and a new collection of high-impact graphics for the Ora Grande Winning Number Displays. All of this as well as an exceptional display of Roulette Wheels, Chipping machines, Blaze LED surface technology tables and Qorex EGT’s.

TCS John Huxley recently participated in iGB Live!, how was the experience?

This was the first time we exhibited at the show and the response was fantastic. We have been working with the iGaming sector for some time now and have established a strong track record, however, the show gave us the opportunity to meet and connect with more operators and to also promote what we offer to a broader audience. We were delighted with the response and will be exhibiting once again at the 2023 event. 

Which are the upcoming releases we can expect for 2022?

In addition to what we are showcasing at G2E, our development teams are working on many new innovations for new and existing product lines. Some of these will be launching at the beginning of next year at ICE 2023.

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