Topbetta fined over 2014’s campaign

The Australian online race betting site pleaded guilty over ‘no lose Saturday’ campaign.

Australia.- Topbetta will have to pay over AUS$15,000 (US$11,000) in fines for its 2014’s campaign, ‘no lose Saturday.’ The company pleaded guilty to three counts of illegal gambling advertising.

In New South Wales, the Betting and Racing Regulation 2012 is in force and it forbids licensed gambling operators from publishing any promotion that “offers NSW residents any inducement to participate in gambling activity or open a betting account.”

According to Liquor and Gaming NSW, offering residents “a refund on any losing bet up to a maximum of $100 for all wagers placed on certain horsing events,” goes against the regulation.

Anthony Keon, Liquor and Gaming NSW director of compliance and enforcement, explained in a statement: “These measures are in place in NSW to protect people from potential problem gambling. Advertising inducements can lure people into gambling including those who may not be in a position to afford it or those who are susceptible to problem gambling. Wagering operators that offer inducements to gamble on NSW residents will face regulatory action.”