The Hawaiian Gardens Casino will be partially opened

Customers will enjoy VIP services and latest games at California’s casino.

US.- The Hawaiian Gardens Casino, located in California state, is softly available for the customers. Operators announced in March 2014 the construction of the complex to offer players a more sophisticated and elevated gaming and dining experience. The entire styling will be finished by the end of the year with additional outdoor areas and parking lots.

“The new casino provides our guests with a truly elevated experience, including more space, state-of-the-art card tables and amenities, two designated VIP areas and a diverse restaurant and bar all within our new building,” described Ron Sarabi, general manager at the casino. The complex will include 220 flat-screen televisions, further game tables, new events center and a premium bar, lounge and restaurant for 24/7 cocktails services with capacity for over 100 guests.

The Hawaiian Gardens Casino set around 300 card tables and is expected to increase its guest capacity by up to 50 percent. The project will bring 400 new employees who will be in charge of the two building’s amenities. International private and public events will soon be held in the show center of the complex as well.

Located in Los Angeles area, the casino will contribute with social activities  to improve the city’s life quality. The Gardens Casino assured that they have already established deals with ABC Unified School District, Tri-City Health Group, Children’s Hospital (Long Beach and Orange County) and Hawaiian Gardens holiday events and youth sports.  “With a population of approximately 15,000 residents, The Gardens Casino is pleased to sustain the majority of the City of Hawaiian Gardens’ annual budget. Showing our support both physically and fiscally to our local community is extremely important to The Gardens Casino and we value our strong working relationship with the City of Hawaiian Gardens,” concluded the manager.