Thailand could get new lottery

thailand new lottery

Credits: Diliff/Wikipedia

GLO director said that the office is considering a new online lottery model that would include big jackpots.

Thailand.- Maj-General Chalongrat Nark-arthit, director of the Government Lottery Office (GLO) has revealed that they’re considering a new model for an online lottery that is set to offer bigger prizes.

The model that is set to be forwarded to the Lottery Office will be considered soon. Chalongrat said that if it gets a nod, it will be tabled before the Cabinet for approval, as The Nation reported. Moreover, he revealed that the online lottery was modeled after other countries’ systems where prizes are rolled over for two successive draws if there’s no winner. The Section 22 of the Government Lottery Office is currently being amended in order to allow this change.

“I think our country is ready for this kind of lottery,” said Chalongrat, when speaking about the new lottery that will allow players to hit jackpots of much bigger prizes. He believes that this new model could solve and improve a system that features lottery overpricing and underground lotteries.

Back in May, the government had announced new changed regarding the gaming industry, as it wants safer measures to operate the gaming industry. As it was reported by local media, Thai residents expressed their support on the new measure.