Tennessee tries to legalise gambling

The Southern state is seeking the legalisation of games of chance.

US.- Rep Larry J Miller, D-Memphis, filed a bill that went before the State Government Committee yesterday. HJR0109 is seeking to amend and article of the Tennessee Constitution to allow gambling in the state.

The Article XI, Section 5 doesnt allow operators to offer gambling and games of chance associated with casinos. The article only gives permission to offer a state lottery, but games of chance such as slot machines, roulette and online gaming are not included. The resolution says that the current article should be amended by the following language: “A state lottery means a lottery of the type such as in operation in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia in 2000. The state lottery authorised in this section shall be implemented and administered uniformly throughout the state in such manner as the legislature, by general law, deems appropriate

“The legislature may authorize casinos and games of chance associated with casinos to be operated within this state,” it added. Last year, the state passed a law that to legalise and regulate fantasy sports betting. The license requirement applied to all fantasy sports websites which offer daily and season-long contests that charge players an entry fee to assemble imaginary teams and subsequently offer prizes as a result of the outcome of those games.