Telegram presents its casino feature

Slotegrator along Telegram presents the latest casino technology at the messenger app.
Slotegrator along Telegram presents the latest casino technology at the messenger app.

Telegram offers a special chat bot that delivers an online casino platform to costumers.

Russia.- Telegram offers its users the possibility to participate in a chat bot that connects them to an online casino platform. By typing certain commands in a form of text messages, or by using particular buttons of the interface reflected on the screen of the smartphone, players get access to all the functions in the exclusive casino.

Mobile messengers such as Telegram, having gained high popularity back in 2016, still belong to the category of the most rapidly evolving trends of the current market. The company Slotegrator, specialising in iGaming software provision, states that mobile messengers are the future of the gambling industry. Nowadays, they are frequently used as a solid alternative to standard forms of mobile communication. However, the potential of such applications is way wider than it seems, as long as the pace of current technologies is only speeding up.

The plataform features the possibility of depositing, placing bets, withdrawing winnings, among further activities. Chat bots in this case play the role of simulators of slot machines or roulettes. The game is usually carried out in a chat mode or through visualised interface. Commenting upon the functioning principles of a Telegram casino, Development Manager at Slotegrator Vadim Potapenko argues that the main stages of such a project include creation of a Telegram bot and a platform. The platform constitutes the major server part. It contains the most important features: mathematics and the logic, gaming strategy and approximate results, consequently transferred to players through a bot.

The company Slotegrator has already elaborated a basic model. It is possible to develop two types of online casino bots: chat bots (a Telegram bot+ a platform) and an interface bots (a Telegram bot+ visualization). Initially introduced in the beginning of 2016, chat bots contributed to the popularity of chat bot messengers by giving them comparative advantages, in contrast to the simplified versions of such apps.  Being an integral part of a messenger, they do not require additional downloading and installation, and do not take up additional memory space of the smartphone. Consequently, users resort to regular messengers less often.

Telegram has launched the second version of its bot equipped messenger. As a result, Telegram is in a fortunate position of being the first messenger to release chat bots. Vadim Potapenko, a sales expert from the company Slotegrator, believes that this is not the only one reason for the extreme popularity of these applications.

According to Potapenko, particularly due to chat bots Telegram has turned into a sort of virtual reality used by people at their workstations, as well as for communication and entertainment. Potapenko points out: “Users’ messages are protected by enciphering and chat bots cannot be controlled or tracked by anyone. This complex factor is the cornerstone of successful release of an online project these days.”

“Our online casino chat bots are truly unique products that, as I previously pointed out, still don’t have analogues on the current market. We are going to be the first company specializing in provision of such kinds of solutions,” commented Potapenko. “All of the said above will be fully covered in my presentation at Georgia Gaming Congress held in Tbilisi on March 1.”

“Once again, I would like to lay emphasis on the fact that Slotegrator is the only one company offering such a product, which enables our partners to operate on any market and stay assured that their valuable data, as well as personal information of their gamblers is effectively secured. Moreover, chat bots enable online casinos to attract gamblers from areas with poor Internet connection,” added Slotegrator’s representative.

“It is a very important matter, as the majority of contemporary online casino websites are considerably demanding to technical characteristics of devices. These and the rest of matters are going to be the main topics covered in my presentation at the upcoming congress,” he concluded.