“Our wheels are chosen for their reliability and security”

Every TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette wheel receives extensive testing at every stage of the manufacturing process.
Every TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette wheel receives extensive testing at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Focus Gaming News visited TCSJOHNHUXLEY in Stoke-on-Trent, England, where its directors explained why it’s the world’s leading roulette wheels manufacturer.

UK.- Last week Focus Gaming News had the opportunity to see first hand how TCSJOHNHUXLEY has become one of the most important suppliers to casinos. Quality, innovation, reliability and security are at the core of every TCSJOHNHUXLEY roulette wheel. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is designed to build reliability into the wheel, seamlessly integrating the latest technology and patented security features with master craftsmanship. TCSJOHNHUXLEY has created the world’s most reliably-random and secure roulette wheels.

The company’s products are reliable because – having manufactured roulette wheels longer than any other supplier – they are regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ in the industry and have been the benchmark all others are measured against; others may look and feel similar, but they are very different in the way they are manufactured. The wheels have numerous patented features that no other manufacturer can provide and TCSJOHNHUXLEY also has the Roulette Technology Centre (in UK and Las Vegas) offering operators yet more peace of mind and security.

Each TCSJOHNHUXLEY wheel contain 45 years of expertise, 32 hours of master craftsmanship, 10 uniquely skilled processes and more than 130 quality control checks.

A roulette wheel is a random number generator and as such requires stringent checks to ensure it is unbiased and operating within strict tolerances. Every TCSJOHNHUXLEY Roulette wheel receives extensive testing at every stage of the manufacturing process with the final checks undertaken using patented Laser Measuring Technology before it leaves the factory.

“All our wheels are manufactured using the highest quality materials as well as being extremely solid, providing unrivalled strength, durability and randomness. Our unique security features provide operators with the advantage of ‘being the first to know’ how their wheel is running. This allows them to take immediate action before players can take advantage, knowingly or unknowingly, which could be very costly. As the supplier of choice for the online gaming sector, our wheels are chosen for their reliability and security. With the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of players across the globe on a daily basis, these features are key for the 24/7 operators,” explained Andrew Henson, Managing Director Europe, for the company.

Moreover, unique features include: Solid Velstone ball track, Patented Drop Zone Detection, clamped cone mechanism ensuring consistent ball interaction, optional built-in Inclinometer (for Saturn wheels) to ensure the wheel is level, patented Laser measuring technology for tolerance consistency, and the most comprehensive range of roulette wheels incorporating infinite custom designs and finishes and local technical support on five continents.

Products also feature a separator ring machined from a single piece of aluminium plate which is over 4.5mm thicker than its competitors, ensuring it is not thin and flimsy and prone to warping. The separator ring is then secured in place by 37 individual fasteners, ensuring it is secure, something other manufacturers do not take into consideration.

Unlike others, the TCSJOHNHUXLEY number sets are created from individual tiles featuring the unique TCSJH font, designed for clear and easy viewing by the naked eye and cameras. And what’s more, they can be easily replaced in the instance of damaged numbers, which is much easier than replacing a whole number ring that other manufacturers use. The unique application of individual number tiles also allows TCSJOHNHUXLEY to easily create custom number sets as well as adding personalised logo tiles to the newly developed Saturn Triple Zero Wheel.

All in all, the TCSJOHNHUXLEY roulette wheel range provides a solution for every requirement – it’s why the world’s best casinos choose the world’s best roulette wheels.

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