“We had a great show with lots of interest in our products”

Steph Nel, General Manager Americas at TCSJOHNHUXLEY.
Steph Nel, General Manager Americas at TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

(Exclusive interview).- G2E Las Vegas was a successful show for TCSJOHNHUXLEY, and Steph Nel, General Manager Americas, detailed the performance to Focus Gaming News.

The latest G2E Las Vegas has been one of the best editions of the show so far, and TCSJOHNHUXLEY was one of the highlights of this year’s event. Steph Nel,  General Manager Americas of TCS, talked with Focus Gaming News regarding the company’s performance and its future plans.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY celebrated 45 years as the premier manufacturer and supplier of live table gaming products and services at G2E, how was the experience?

We had a great G2E with visitors to our booth seeing some really exciting new table game technologies. In celebrating our 45th Anniversary this year we have been able to reflect on our origins, but we also continue to look to the future as we innovate with our strong portfolio of products and services. 

This latest G2E edition was witness of some launches as Chipper Champ Pro and Blaze Craps. How was the public’s feedback?

Visitor feedback for both products was fantastic. The Blaze Craps table always had a crowd of people around it, generating the entertainment and excitement usually found on the gaming floor.  Operators were impressed with how the patented energy efficient LED lights fitted below the surface of the gaming table displayed unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, whilst also highlighting winning numbers. This makes it very easy for even novice players to understand the game as well as assisting dealers and surveillance staff to monitor play to ensure even greater security. 

The debut of the Chipper Champ Pro in the Americas created a lot of interest. With all new features including a built-in camera to identify suspected jams or rogue items in the hopper and a unique fold-away 10” digital screen that can display chip column counts in addition to all the other information the current Champ Champ 2 provides. As an optional feature, the next generation chipper is also able to deliver Wheel Bias reporting and Inclinometer levelling information direct to the digital display. This allows operators to identify any potential issues quickly and easily from the gaming floor. 

We showed GFL Bonusing Rewards in the US but it is still awaiting GFL / BMM approval.

Did TCSJOHNHUXLEY achieve all of its goals at G2E?

This year’s G2E was certainly bigger and busier than the last few years and there was a really positive buzz on the show floor. We had a great show with lots of interest in our products, especially the newly launched Blaze Craps and Ora Winning Number Displays. 

We continue to look to the future as we innovate with our strong portfolio of products and services.

It’s always great for our customers to experience our products ‘in the flesh’ giving them the opportunity to see the difference they could make to their casinos. This was illustrated when one of our oversees customers saw the striking Blaze Roulette table and decided to upgrade all their current, in-production table order to include this innovative technology. Clearly, seeing really is believing!

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