SYNOT to expand in Vietnam

The Czech Group landed in Vietnam for the first time a year ago.

Vietnam.- SYNOT International, Czech-based casino supplier, has extended their business in Asia with a second Vietnamese casino. A year ago, the 25-year experienced company landed in Asia to reinforce the position in the continent. Now, SYNOT will also supply a gaming venue located in Nha Trang province.

In order to celebrate the expansion to a second casino in Vietnam SYNOT Group held an exclusive celebration with several members of the industry, including SYNOT’s director Miroslav Valenta ml. Valenta commented that “the plan for the casino is to cooperate with other local casinos.” The Vietnamese venue will feature innovative games and the company’s video lottery terminals as well as roulette.

Furthermore, the director shared the excitement among SYNOT’s members about their expansion in the Asian marketplace. According to Valenta, they’re looking forward to continuing their growth there. The company has also revealed its plans to expand to other Easter Asian countries.