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Synergy Blue announces new distribution agreement

Synergy Blue HAWG
Georg Washington, CEO at Synergy Blue.

The US company is set to expand its reach after it entered a distribution deal.

US.- Synergy Blue, the premier creator of skill-based games and platforms for an emerging class of game players, recently announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement for European skill-based and chance-based game distribution, expanding their reach.

Making this distribution possible, is Synergy Blue’s patented HAWG® (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform. HAWG is a class III certified solution that blends GLI11-compliant skill-based or chance-based gambling, allowing for regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions. HAWG® and it’s games appeal to a new generation of gamers, providing an engaging experience through a seamless entertainment component and uninterrupted arcade-style entertainment.

Based in US, the company is the leading provider of entertainment gaming solutions, bringing arcade style, skill-based games, platforms and applications to the casino market.

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