Swiss organisations opposed to legislation

Communication and technology organisation has warned about internet censorship.

Switzerland authorities may limit the operations of international gaming platforms.

Switzerland.- As the national government may limit the operation of certain iGaming websites, the Swiss Association For Information, Communications And Organization Technology made public its disagreement with the legislation. The group considers that any internet censorship may jeopardise the online activity.

The Swiss lower house of federal legislature is debating a new law that would limit casino operations by foreign websites in the national territory. The Association published in the Telecompaper news site that they are worried about online security and digital economy.

As the communication and technology organisations argue, the National Council censorship on foreign iGaming websites would be easy to violate. The Association considers that modern internet users are aware on how to avoid network locks, so the legislation would boost the criminal behaviour.

Furthermore, the government would have less information about clients’ activity; therefore, the path would be clearer for cyber criminals. The Swiss Association For Information, Communications And Organization Technology has also warned the government about the loss of revenues generated by authorised companies.