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Svenska Spel can now use Freja eID at Svenska Spel Tur and at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

The Swedish company Svenska Spel has integrated the use of Freja eID, a technology for its online gambling services on web and apps.

Sweden.- Svenska Spel has integrated a technology that allows its customers to use a new ID method for the online gambling web and apps verticals. Freja eID has been integrated thanks to an agreement signed on May between Svenska Spel and Verisec.

Svenska Spel can now use Freja eID at Svenska Spel Tur and at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino. This agreement comes after the new gambling legislation in Sweden introduced on January 1 forced gambling companies to use eID for registration methods. The legislation was born as an attempt to decrease risks and to ensure players’ age and identity.

Customers at Svenska Spel had been referred to a single until the introduction of the new technology. However, Freja eID gives them more options as they’re not locked into a single login method.

Johan Henrikson, CEO Verisec commented: ”Most companies that digitise their services put considerable resources on good user experience and to eliminate eventual friction for users who want to access the digital service. Thus, not keeping users locked to a specific sign-in solution is an important step. We believe that this is not only positive for the users, we also believe it is a strong competitive factor in that Svenska Spel is the first gaming company with a gaming license that offers its users more than one e-ID.”

Svenska Spel’s CEO is in favour of a partial sports betting ban

Patrik Hofbauer, CEO of Svenska Spel, has revealed that he is in favour of a proposed crackdown on sports betting market. This measure is being considered by the local government as part of an attempt to improve the market.

Local media reported this week that Ardalan Shekarabi, Sweden’s social security minister, met with the Swedish Football Association and the Swedish Ice Hockey Association. The associations were informed that the local regulator is set to propose a ban on bets influenced by individual players. These include yellow and red cards and corners.

Hofbauer agrees that certain markets are open to manipulation and that the proposed ban would be right.

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