Survey to reveal impact of Covid-19 on gambling

Online gambling is increasing during pandemic
Online gambling is increasing during pandemic

The Gambling Harms Group is hoping to better understand how people are gambling during lockdown.

UK.- The Gambling Harms Group is undertaking a survey to look at the impact the Coronavirus crisis has been having on gambling and online gambling in the city of Glasgow.

The group hopes that its survey can be used to better understand how people in the city are gambling under lockdown conditions so that the required support can be provided for those that need it.

The Gambling Harms Group was set by The Alliance, which has representatives from the city council, health board among its members.

Due to the measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, big betting firms have switched their attention from live events like football and racing -which are suspended until further notice- to online games like roulette, poker, online slots, bingo and scratchcards.

Annette Christie, Convener of Glasgow City Council Wellbeing and Citizen Engagement Committee, said: “Some of us might turn to gambling online for entertainment, or to financially support ourselves (unaware of the harms) while existing gamblers might up the stakes by switching to riskier forms of gambling such as online casinos or slots.

“At a time when so many restrictions have been placed on what we can and can’t do, or where we can go, gambling has never been easier.

“In the 24/7 internet world, online gambling is available in our homes every second of the day- with no real limits.

“Although the UK government’s recent ban on the use of credit cards to gamble will help to reduce the credit line, unfortunately it doesn’t go far enough.

“More social responsibility is needed as it doesn’t stop people gambling away their wages and losing their homes, even their families, livelihoods and sometimes their lives,” she added.

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