Survey launched over new casino in Virginia

Citizens will have their say on how public funds are spent.
Citizens will have their say on how public funds are spent.

A $400m new casino resort in Danville will be owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment.

US.- Residents in Danville, Virginia, voted in favour of a new casino project on the November 3 ballot, and will now be able to give their views on how the tax income generated will be used.

The City of Danville will launch a Community Feedback Survey designed to receive feedback from the public about the city’s spending priorities.

The City said: “Survey results and public comments from the online survey will be given to the ‘Investing in Danville Committee,’ which will work with PFM consulting group to analyze the results and present a final report.

“The report will include an outline of investments and their fiscal impacts, an overview of community feedback, and specific recommendations for investment priorities.” 

The new Caesars resort will include a casino, at least 300 hotel rooms, a spa, theatre, convention space, bars and restaurants.

It is expected that the facility could bring in around $20m in tax revenue by the end of its third year.