Sports betting, king of online gambling in UK

35 percent of all UK online visits account for sports gambling sites; lotteries noted a 31 percent, casino games a 23 percent, poker an 8 percent and bingo 3 percent.

UK.- According to SimilarWeb -digital market intelligence corporation- the online gaming industry from the UK noted an 88 percent increment of their visits in one year. Bet365, most popular sports betting site of the region, outstrips classic companies such as National Lottery, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

38 million people per month entered to Bet365 site in 2015, an 18 percent more than in 2014, when the average was 32.2 million visits monthly. In the top 10 of most popular online gaming sites, William Hill ranks second with 23.2 million visits per month, that means a 25.65 percent of increment in comparison to the 18.5 million from 2014.

Meanwhile, Skybet announced an increment of 18.14 percent when the visits grow from 13 million in the year before to 15.4 million in 2015. Ladbrokes perceived a 48 percent of growth due to the fact that in 2014 the visits were 10.1 million, and now 15 million monthly. Nevertheless, there was 8 sites that suffered a drop of 47 percent of their visits due and it may have been because of the new Point of Consumption tax that complicates the investment.

SimilarWeb also revealed that players are leaning toward mobile bettings, 50 per cent of bets were set like this in comparison with the 35 percent in 2014. Weekend are the highest points of these providers logically thanks to the fluent sports events. “While there has been much talk about uncertainty on the high street for bookies, continuing online demand for sports betting and soaring growth by leading players, demonstrates a major opportunity to capture new audiences. The digital strategy of Bet365 has enabled the company to steal a march on their long-standing rivals in a relatively short period of time, helping them become the most visited sports betting site in the UK,” concluded Deekla Schechter, SimilarWeb Digital Insights Manager.