Spanish sports authority to track betting irregularities

The CSD has entered an agreement with Spain
The CSD has entered an agreement with Spain

Spain’s Consejo Superior del Deporte will track events using the national gambling regulator’s alert system.

Spain.- The Consejo Superior del Deporte (CSD), or High Council for Sports, has confirmed that all of its syndicated events and competitions will be added to the national gambling regulator DGOJ’s alert system in order for its members to be able to track and trace betting irregularities.  

The CSD is a government agency that has responsibility for planning, developing and promoting sports in Spain. It’s also the main axis of the government’s relationship with public bodies and sports development bodies, including Spain’s Olympic Committee.

The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) welcomed the agreement with the CSD as a vital partnership for its integrity unit and as part of its remit to protect Spanish sport against criminal activity.  

The CSD and DGOJ said in a joint statement: “The alert system aims to protect participants in the betting market against fraudulent practices that, by altering the results of a sporting event, end up seriously distorting participation in the game.”

Last month, Alberto Garzón, Spain’s minister for consumer affairs, warned gambling operators to expect more changes to regulations in Spain as he seeks to consumer protection standards.

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