South Dakota tribe, against gaming amendment

South Dakota gaming rule was rejected by native tribe.
South Dakota gaming rule was rejected by native tribe.

Santee Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has rejected the change approved by the State on gaming legislation.

US.- Santee Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has opposed a State’s amendment in the gaming legislation that removes “a requirement that certain electronic wagering businesses use a bank located” in the state, according to CalvinAyre. The Native tribe has firmly responded to the government that they will not allow the project to take effect.

The tribe argues that the change in the legislation “will help Bettor Racing Inc. owner J. Randy Gallo evade paying about US$5 million owed to the tribe,” as explained by the newspaper. Tribe President Anthony Reider presented the group’s argument in a letter sent to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard last month.

“The tribe chief lamented that Bettor Racing has yet to be penalized for doing business from an out-of-state bank since it is a clear violation of the state rules,” explains the report. “Going forward, Reider said they will appear before the commission meeting to fight the proposal on the gambling rule change. Bettor Racing has yet to comment on the matter.”

The Commission on Gaming was also urged by the tribe to set a penalty to the betting firm, which had already paid a US$1,5k fine. “Bettor Racing faces more than US$6 million combined judgments that a tribal casino entered,” continues. “So far, the tribe has collected roughly US$1.6 million from the betting firm.”

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