Slotegrator to boost online casinos

The company offers a 50 discount on development of new Telegram casinos.
The company offers a 50 discount on development of new Telegram casinos.

Slotegrator, along with Telegram, is improving the online casino platforms worldwide.

Russia.- Slotegrator, one of the leading aggregators and distributors of online casino software, content and platforms, is offering a special 50 percent discount on development of a chat bot for an online casino based on Telegram messenger.

Taking into consideration the growing popularity of gambling, chat bots are the future of the gambling industry alongside with messengers that are major means of mobile communication, such as Telegram. That is why Telegram bots are considered to be a very promising trend these days.

Due to its latest innovation, Slotegrator gives online casino operators an opportunity to approach and take over new markets and take priority over numerous competitors. During the webinar, the leading experts from Slotegrator presented revealed the advantages of its usage, as well as outlined the stages of its development and integration.

Online casino owners are offered two basic chat bot development packages to be chosen. The first package includes services as development of a Telegram bot + platform, while the second one provides development of a Telegram bot+ platform+ visuals and graphics.

The winner will be announced at Georgia Gaming Congress held on March 1, 2017 in Tbilisi, during Vadim Potapenko’s presentation regarding “Implementation of chat bots in gambling.” Furthermore, the final results of the competition will be broadcasted online on Slotegrator’s channels on Periscope and Facebook.