Slot operation banned in Philippine city

The ordinance penalises the use or possession of similar gambling devicesPhilippines.- In Sabangan, Mountain Province, an “Anti-Slot Machine/Kulalong Ordinance,” was approved, therefore any operation and possession of slot machines or similar gambling devices, apparatus or technology is not allowed.

The Sangguniang Bayan passed the resolution penalising slot machines or “kulalong” to address the issue of poor scholastic performance of students and its guardian’s concerns, since it is believed that gambling devices is one of the factors that affect students. And regarding adults, authorities believe that gambling apparatus create troubles within the family and community as a whole.

Under the recently approved ordinance, slot machines or similar gambling device housed at any business establishment, private homes or quarters could be confiscated by police officers, barangay officials and barangay tanods.

Moreover, the “Anti-Slot Machine/Kulalong Ordinance” states that any person, establishment or entity that is found in violation of this ordinance shall be fined. The amount has to be paid immediately to the Office of the Municipal Treasurer. Plus the device will be confiscated. The text also determines that the violator could be imprisoned less than 30 days, upon the discretion of the court.