Since 2012, Ohio casinos generated US$1 billion in tax revenue

More than half of the revenue generated by Ohio’s casinos since 2012 will go to cities and counties within the state.

US.- The Ohio Casino Control Commission released figures summarising tax revenue paid by casinos in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Toledo. Since 2012, Ohio’s casinos have generated US$1 billion in tax revenue and more than half of this amount is going to cities and counties within the state.

The latest quarterly distribution figures showed that the total of tax money collected amounted US$1,054,983,129 since the first casino opened in 2012. The casinos pay 33 percent of their gross revenue in taxes to the state, which distributes the money to several entities.

The largest share, US$538 million, or 51 percent, went to Ohio cities and counties, according to commission figures. Another US$358.7, 34 percent, went to Ohio schools. The four casino host cities received a total of US$52.7 million, 5 percent of total revenue. Another 3 percent, or US$31.6 million, went to the commission for administration and operation of the state agency, the Ohio State Racing Commission also received US$31.6 million and a state problem gambling fund and law enforcement fund each received US$21 million, 3 percent of the total over the five-year period.

Tax distributions for the second quarter of the year declined to US$65.3 million from US$71.2 million in the first quarter. The city of Columbus received US$2.67 million for the second quarter, a fall from US$2.9 million in the first three months of the year.