Seville puts gaming rooms on hold

Seville targeted gaming rooms and put a stop to its proliferation.
Seville targeted gaming rooms and put a stop to its proliferation.

Operators suffered a new setback in Spain, as Seville announced no new gaming rooms will open for at least a year as it rearranges regulations.

Spain.- Like several regions did in the recent months, Seville has announced the suspension of new licences for gaming rooms. The authorities won’t issue any further permits for at least a year.

The Planning Department approved the measure, which will run through 2020. Not only does Seville included the opening of new venues, but also urban planning licenses for expanding existing ones.

In this case, building preservation was a main part of the measure. Still, Seville also blocked gaming rooms to prevent problem gambling and pass new, updated regulations as most regions did.

“We have taken a decisive step to face this problem that has grown in Seville. It required a proper response,” explained Antonio Muñoz, delegate of Urban Habitat. “We follow what cities did, such as Alcalá de Guadaíra, Barcelona or Pamplona. We also acted with the maximum legal guarantees in defence of the general interest.”

Seville’s decision adds to a nationwide trend that put a stop to gaming rooms. Other jurisdictions such as Navarra, Madrid and Extremadura, have taken similar measures until it is properly regulated.

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