Senator Tom Lee introduces new bill in Florida

The proposal aims to limit the number of Florida Lottery scratch-off games from 75 to 20 and the price of a ticket not to exceed US$10 instead of ranging from US$1 to US$25.

US.- Senator Tom Lee, R-Brandon, introduced Lee’s bill, SB 790, which passed the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. The Senator claims that scratch-off games have generated US$26 billion in the past nine years and the neighbourhoods where the Lottery made more profits “include some of the poorest in our state.”

Lee also pointed out that Florida Lottery spending “increases in low-income areas,” and that “it appears that low-income citizens are being targeted with advertising.” He went on expressing that the state has become “addicted to lottery revenue,” which he deems is “too much of a revenue source,” concluding that the money the Lottery generates is coming out of the pockets of the most vulnerable citizens who “can least afford to pay it.”