Seminole tribe against Florida gaming bill

The tribe believes that two proposed bills are violating a federal law.

US.- Officials from the Seminole Tribe from Florida said that they can’t support two gaming bills since according to them, they’re violating a federal law. The Senate committee approved both bills last week.

SB 8 and PCB TGC 17-01 both propose similar things, but the Senate bill is seeking the expansion of slot machines in eight counties outside South Florida, whilst the House bill wants to keep the industry exactly as it is right now. Nevertheless, both bills would approve the compact that Florida’s governor Rick Scott signed back in December 2015 that gave the tribe the exclusive rights to offer blackjack at its six casinos. The deal established that the Seminole tribe would pay US$3 billion over a sever year period.

According to Marcelius Osceola, the tribe’s Council chairman, the Senate bill would make them pay the same higher payments, including a guarantee, agreed to in the 2015 compact, but it would also add several exceptions to the tribe’s exclusivity. On the other hand, the House bill would increase the Seminole’s payments, but without providing the necessary additional from the State. The official said that they’re still willing to work this out with legislators.