Scotland gambles billions on FOBTs



A new report revealed that Scotland spent £3.7 billion on fixed odds betting terminals last year.

Scotland.- The research firm Landman Economics revealed in a new report that Scottish players wagered £3.7 billion on FOBTs (fixed-odds betting terminals) in the twelve months that finished on December 2016.

Scotland offered 4000 B2 gaming machines during that period of time considered by Landman. Scottish players lost approximately £1.2 billion in 2008/2009 and 2015/2016: according to the research firm, the 171.695 players lost an average of £6750, and 37.000 of them were reported as problem FOBTs wagerers, with an approximate of £12.300 lost by each of them. Furthermore, 18.000 people suffered the loss of their jobs in the last eight years. Last year, it was reported that the total amount wagered was £4.9 billion, up from the £3.4 billion spent in 2014.

Adrian Parkinson, of the Campaign for Fairer Gambling, had said that FOBTs showed a continued rapid growth in losses with the bookmakers deploying new game content that entices players into what they call ‘low stake games’ that suddenly introduce the player to stakes of up to £100 a spin. On the other hand, the numbers reported by Landman Economics were dismissed by ABB, as the company claims that they’re “pure fantasy.”