Rumour has it that RAWA would be amended

Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) is said to be changing its focus from online gambling in the US to offshore operators.

US.- Strong rumours suggest that the RAWA will be amended to switch the purpose for which it was created to focus on a different objective.

Sheldon Adelson casino mogul and Republican Party benefactor supported the Restoration of America’s Wire Act or RAWA. At the time, the aim of the bill was to ban all kinds of online gambling activities in the country at federal levels. Recent reports affirms that Adelson now wants the proposed bill amended to focus on banning all offshore gambling that is unlicensed to operate or offer their services in the country instead.

Even though the new bill will have some points in common to its previous version, its aim will point to illegal offshore operators and not online gambling being offered in the US by state licensed operators.

RAWA hearings weren’t promising as supporters did not provide enough information to back up their claims. In addition, it appears that growing opposition on the proposal by several lawmakers in various states who feel their autonomy threaten by the bill, led the republican to change its initial goal.

No official statement has been yet released on Adelson’s side. Poker Players Alliance Vice President Rich Muny commented, “RAWA still exists, so this is no victory lap. We all need to keep up the pressure on lawmakers and ensure this does not end up sneaked in later on.”